Putting my interest in medicine and science at the service of healthcare and often being able to deal with new topics – as a Clinical Evaluation Expert I can do this every day.

Dr. Anke Dopychai


TOP SKILLS: Clinical Evaluation, MDR, Risk Managment

Even during my biology studies, I was very interested in medical topics. At PRO-LIANCE I can deal with exciting topics and technologies on a daily basis and support our customers in providing safe and innovative products for the healthcare market.

The wide range of different medical products is very exciting. I need to deal with each product individually and get to grips with its in technical properties and medical areas of application. At the same time, important regulations must be observed. Taking into account all these aspects simultaneously is what's so appealing to me.

My strengths
As a natural scientist, I like to get to the core of things and always strive to expand my knowledge. I have an eye for details, but also see higher-level structures.

My motivation
We often only realise the importance of medical products for our health care when they are no longer available. Helping our customers make their products available to patients fills me with pride; to be able to do so as part of a top team that enjoys their work as much as I do ... simply priceless.

Who I am
I'm a rather quiet person and love reading, including scientific or medical content. To be able to enjoy a more extensive cultural life, I recently moved to Düsseldorf – near to my family and close friends, with whom I enjoy chatting about all sorts of things over a glass of wine.

Clinical Evaluation Expert


Medical Writer


Postdoctoral Researcher

University Hospital Aachen

Dr. rer. nat. (Biology)

Clinical Evaluation


Risk Management

Quality Management

Project Management

Membership: RAPS Deutschland e.V.

Languages: German, English