At PRO-LIANCE I am able to pursue my passion for research while helping to provide people with safe, powerful and effective medical devices.

Dr. Julia Rohrberg


TOP SKILLS: Performance Evaluation, MDR, IVDR

Being a clinical assessment expert for PRO-LIANCE allows me to pursue my passion for research. At the same time, I enjoy the friendly and respectful atmosphere, the opportunity to work from home and, at the same time, continue to develop myself in a highly professional environment. At PRO-LIANCE, family and career are truly compatible.

I consider it a challenge to provide a brilliant overall picture of the product during the clinical evaluation process, to hit the right level of complexity in order to present scientific facts in an appealing way and to meet customer requirements.  

My strengths
Looking back on many years of experience with laboratory assays and clinical studies, I easily understand the technical side of products. I enjoy literature research, familiarizing myself with new topics and writing scientific texts.

My motivation
After completing my PhD in biochemistry, I decided to do a postdoc in order to develop new therapeutic options against breast cancer. Through interaction with patients, I quickly realized that I wanted to use my experience in research and medicine to contribute to ensuring human well-being. I want to do meaningful work and constantly expand my knowledge, from medical screws to health apps.

Who I am
My postdoctoral stay in San Francisco left a lasting mark on me, both professionally and personally. The creativity and cosmopolitanism I experienced in San Francisco still inspire me every day to energetically and positively tackle new challenges and find creative solutions. In my free time, together with my family, I cook international dishes, which we got to know while we were living in San Francisco.

Scientific Expert


Postdoctoral Researcher

University of California, San Francisco, USA

Postdoctoral Researcher

Technical University Munich

Dr. rer. nat. (Biochemistry)

Performance Evaluation



In vitro diagnostica

Pre-clinical studies

Flourescense Microscopy & Histology

Memberships: RAPS (US) / RAPS Deutschland e.V. / Team PRRC

Languages: German, English