PRO-LIANCE is a straightforward and inclusive company. It is very rewarding to work in a highly experienced team, while feeling appreciated as a person and being motivated continuously by new challenges.

Dr. Milica Bajagic


TOP SKILLS: Software as medical device, Data Science, Data Analysis

Working at PRO-LIANCE, I do not only have the opportunity to use the scientific skills I have acquired over the years to the benefit of our customers, but I can also live out my enthusiasm for Data Science and contribute to constantly improving the quality we deliver to our customers.

PRO-LIANCE is a young company. Additionally, the medical technology industry is diverse and in a constant state of change. For me, the main challenge is to able to work in a dynamic environment, where I can actively help shape things instead of having to stick to “dusty” routines.

My strengths
I am an analytical, detail-oriented person with a very structured way of working, who can also compress extensive information in a meaningful way and quickly familiarize myself with unfamiliar topics.

My motivation
To satisfy the wishes of our customers and to be able to deal with new products on an ongoing basis. I see the problems we are confronted with at PRO-LIANCE as a challenge, especially when we tackle seemingly unsolvable issues as a team and work out practicable solutions.

Who I am
I am a structural biologist with a PhD. Following my academic career, I have done further training in the field of data science. In order to pass on my enthusiasm for new technologies, I volunteered to help young girls overcome their fears in this field. I live with my family in beautiful Hamburg. To compensate for the harsh weather in the north, I like to spend my vacations in my home country, which is situated at the Adriatic coast.

Scientific & Software Expert


Regional Coordinator

Project Coordinator

moinworld e.V.

Dr. rer. nat. (Structural Biology)

Technical Assistant

BASF (previously Johnson Polymer)

Software as medical device

Data science

Data analysis

Systematic literature review

Clinical Evaluation

Knowledge of templates

Scientific publication/writing

Languages: German, English, Montenegrian