Through my various professional tasks, I have been able to gain a very comprehensive insight into the world of the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. I am very happy to be able to help shape this industry a little and to help find solutions.

Dr. Petra Herrmann


TOP SKILLS: Business Development, Recruitment, Lecturer

After a few years of working in the lab, it was clear to me that although I had chosen exactly the right industry, I didn't want to focus on just one active ingredient, one disease or one product forever. I find it much more interesting to be able to experience development in a wide variety of areas. This is exactly what PRO-LIANCE offers to me. I have the right basic training, can look back on many years of professional experience, and, in addition, I’m also open to learn something new on a daily basis.

PRO-LIANCE is a young, modern, open-minded company, which embodies entrepreneurial spirit. The goals are set high and the whole team collaborates closely to achieve them. Every employee and every idea is heard. It is fun to be actively involved in shaping things, especially in such an important industry, which is all about creating a more livable future.

My strengths
I am a goal-oriented natural scientist, a pragmatic analytical type, both professionally and privately. I can handle high workloads well, don't lose sight of the big picture and, towards the end of each day, I am happy to see what I, or we as a team, have created.

My motivation
Success – but in my own definition. For me, success is when I've made the most of my day, when I've been able to help others, when I've been a role model for my children.

Who I am
I live with my family in Munich, but spend as much time as possible in nature – preferably in the mountains or even in desert. Olfactory perception is very important to me, I feel good when it smells good, e.g. the smell of herbs or freshly brewed coffee. In order to relax, I cut and form wood. I have to concentrate on the cut and can't think about anything else. And especially with wet woodturning, every wood has an unmistakable warm smell.

Business Development Expert


Recruiting & Business Development



TÜV Rheinland

Management Consultant

Trecon Managementberatung

Assistant Professor

University of Applied Sciences Munich

Business Development & PR


Biopharmaceutical Specialist

Lurgi TPS

Pharmaceutical Specialist

AMEC PharmaChem

Strategic Business Consultant

Metropolitan Consulting Group

Postgraduate study: Biotechnology

Dr. rer. nat. (Microbiology)

Business Development




Didaktische Aufbereitungen / Schulungen

Interdisziplinäre Vermittlung

Languages: German, English, Spanish