Holding a PhD in Chemistry, what particularly fascinates me about the medical industry are the technical aspects, such as safety and performance of the product. On the other hand, I’m also fascinated by the human aspects, the fact that medical devices can help patients to improve their lives.  

Dr. Raquel Marcos Esteban


TOP SKILLS: Clinical Evaluation, Technical Documentation, PMS

In the medical industry, every single day is different. Progress in research also means we are confronted with new challenges to develop new products. I find working in the regulatory environment particularly exciting. But it's not just the process of product development that is interesting, but also the fact that we can help people live better lives.

Everything we don't know yet is a big challenge in science. Working in this industry, I do actually learn something new with every new product and customer.

My strengths
As a chemist with a PhD, I am an analytical thinker, but also creative, a team player and a good communicator. I’m also always very eager to learn, whether it’s for the analysing the state-of-the-art for new products and for other important aspects that are necessary for my work at PRO-LIANCE.

My motivation
What drives me at PRO-LIANCE is the amount of personal responsibility I’m taking on with each project that I do. It motivates me to tackle new tasks, to work out successful solutions and, at the same time, to improve my own project management skills. This also includes the flexibility I get being able to work at home office, which means a better quality of life for me.

Who I am
I am a communicative and multicultural personality who is always looking for new challenges. I hold a PhD in chemistry and have my roots in inorganic chemistry, but also have profound knowledge of the medical industry, the cosmetics industry and in the marketing environment. I have been living in Germany for more than 10 years- the country where I can always learn something new. Besides work and family, I like to exercise and I’m also interested in science communication to make science easier for everyone. 

Scientific & Regulatory Expert


MSc. Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

Business University UDIMA. Madrid

Post-graduate in cosmetics and dermopharmacy

UNED, Madrid

Dr. rer. nat. (Chemistry)

Clinical Evaluation






Quality Management

Assistant Lecturer online webinars

Languages: Spanish (native speaker), German, English