I always enjoy working out solutions that work – for our team, for customers and privately.

Dr. Thomas Brzoska


TOP SKILLS: Regulatory Affairs, Risk Management, Quality Management

Considering my previous activities, founding PRO-LIANCE for me was a logical consequence. However, it was probably also a way for me to accept a new challenge and do something that
goes beyond being a consultant only. Working in a powerful and reliable team, I want to bring true value to our clients and offer outstanding regulatory and clinical consulting.

I particularly enjoy accepting new challenges and finding solutions for tricky problems, even if it means I have to familiarize myself with a completely new topic, which I had not had a clue about before. In addition, what also keeps me striving is the question of how regulatory requirements can be translated into workable solutions and how I can pass on my experience to the team.

My strengths
I readily take on responsibility and, after having analyzed the situation thoroughly, make result-oriented decisions. I don’t get put off by setbacks, I think of them as a challenge, which I use to come up with new solutions. I always enjoy working out solutions that work – whether it’s within our team, for customers, or in my private life. I am also a numbers person and like to look further into the future.

My motivation
In 1957, the Sputnik went into orbit. When asked how the Russians were able to overtake the Americans, who were leading at first, von Braun, who used to be head of the U.S. space agency at the time, said something like: "In the conquest of space, we had two problems to overcome: gravity and paperwork. Gravity would not have been the issue..."
Okay, something like that shouldn’t happen again. That's why we’d like to spare our costumers the paperwork. And if gravity issues come up as well, we'll be happy to help in this regard too.

Who I am
I used to be a chemist. I have never lost that keen interest in mixing together ingredients and I still like to experiment, even if the lab has now been replaced by the kitchen. And in the meantime, my kids and the dog help me to clear my mind and forget about work for a while.

PRO-LIANCE Gründer, Scientifc & Clinical Affairs Expert


Consultant for Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals


Quality & Project Management

Dr. August Wolff Arzneimittel

Visiting Scientist

Emory University, Atlanta, USA

Dr. rer. nat. (Biochemistry)

Regulatory Affairs (CTD, CAPA, RMPs, PSURs)

Risk Management

Quality Management

Clinical Affairs

Clinical Data Management

Clinical & Animal Studies

> 250 CERs/BERs

Languages: German, English