I'm a creative thinker and like to try out new things, because I believe that's the only way to make progress.

Florian Tolkmitt


TOP SKILLS: Clinical Evaluation, Technical File, Risk Management

What I find particularly exciting about medical technology is the mix of technical solutions and how they can be used to help people. Having developed medical devices myself, as well as knowing their technical documentation from A-Z, I find that this mix is best reflected in the field of clinical evaluation. Each evaluation is challenging and therefore fascinating.

After years of professional challenges, at the moment, I find it extremely exciting to observe how we are growing and developing as a remotely-working company. First and foremost, I want every employee to do their job delivering the highest possible quality, while enjoying a maximum of freedom to shape their own work environment.

My strengths
I am a networker and believe in the success of the team rather than the individual.
I am ambitious and want to work with the PRO-LIANCE team to increase the efficiency in our field.
I believe in digitalization and want to help make sure we all benefit from it.
My colleagues and customers appreciate my honesty, reliability and transparency.

My motivation
I want to create something new - build something - share knowledge - do good - and be free. How can I achieve this all that at once? This is a question I have been asking myself for a long time. Then I realized that I can only achieve these goals if I found my own company and shape it the way I want it to be. In Thomas, I have found exactly the right companion and, bit by bit, we built the right team. Do we always have to do everything the way other established companies do? I don't think so. I believe that, as consultants, we can and must still be human and let our expertise speak for itself: Tie, no thanks! After I had to wear a tie every day for a year while working in a project, I am glad that now, as a founder, I get to make my own choices about this. Even though we are in a very conservative industry: Dear customers, we can also achieve our goals without wearing ties! Expertise over dress code. That's how we enjoy our work.

Who I am
I live with my international family in the heart of Frankfurt, not far from the European Central Bank and the river Main. Besides work and family, I like to go for a jog with the neighbors. I also enjoy city life, but at the same time also like to escape it by bike. What I particularly appreciate about working remotely is that it also gives me the opportunity to spend more time in vacation spots and combine this well with my work.
Personal challenge: explaining to my son what it actually is that my day-to-day work is all about. 🙂

PRO-LIANCE Founder, Managing Director, Regulatory & Clinical Evaluation Expert



Clinical Evaluation & Regulatory Affairs Expert

Head of Regulatory Affairs

sfm medical devices

Functional Head non-active medical devices and Clinical Affairs

Yes Medical Device Service

Project Engineer for Regulatory Compliance

Yes Medical Device Service

Development Engineer for Medical Devices

MD Hans Haindl

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) (Biomedical Engineering)

Clinical Evaluation

Technical File

Risk Management

Regulatory Strategy

Quality Management



Trainer & speaker

Memberships: RAPS (US) / Co-Founder & Board Member of RAPS Deutschland e.V. / Team PRRC

Languages: German, English, Spanish